Monitor Hinge (Canon C300mkIII, C500mkII)

SKU: M49-MON-CAN-3003

Sale price$150.00


Monitor Hinge (Canon C300mkIII, C500mkII) attaches to Canon 1/4-20 striped rosettes on camera body or handle, and holds the Canon LM-V2 4.3" LCD Monitor, which is included with those cameras.

Positioning arm pivots in two places using variable friction 15mm rod clamps, which allows for a smooth, tool-less repositioning of the monitor. Simply grab and adjust.

On the side of the horizontal 15mm rod, a 1/4-20 and locating tabs allow for the original Canon mic holder (Canon part DG3-7370-000) to be attached using included 1/4-20 knurled knob.

The rod can also be flipped, allowing the monitor to be positioned in front of the operator during hand-held shooting.

Product Weight: 3.00oz (85g)
Product Dimensions (WxLxH): 1.48 x 4.41 x 4.66in (37 x 112 x 118mm)

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