Digital File to 3D Print: Rear Lens Mount Cover (Sony Burano, Venice)


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Use this STL file to 3D print your own Rear Lens Mount Cover (Sony Burano, Venice) which is a rear cap for the PL mount that ships with the camera. It will also work with 3rd party lens adapters like the Wooden Camera LPL Mount, which utilizes a similar shape and thickness to Sony.  If you want to order the physical item, please click here instead.

Printing Suggestions
Filament:  TPU with hardness of 95A or lower
Extruder type:  Direct drive

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1. I understand that 3D printing can be challenging, and I will not blame MID49 for any issues arising from the printing process or installation of the printed item. 
2. I will not sell the printed product.
3. I will not create new products based on the designs provided.

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