Baseline Bridgeplate 15mm Studio


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Baseline Bridgeplate (15mm Studio) is a quick-release, ARRI standard bridge plate that, when combined with Baseline 15mm LW baseplates, provides 15mm studio offset rods at the correct distance from the center of the lens.

ARRI dovetail slot on the bottom attaches to ARRI standard dovetails using a top-load locking mechanism. Unlock the lever like a traditional bridge plate, pull the safety release, then further move the lever, which allows the camera to be released vertically from the dovetail. To reattach, drop down and listen for the pop to know it has engaged. Adjust the position on the ARRI dovetail, then lock the lever.

Baseline Bridgeplates can also be installed and removed from the back of most ARRI standard dovetails.

Included (2) 3/8-16 and (2) 1/4-20 screws can be installed using the center screw channel into the offset screw holes on the Baseline ARRI Dovetail.

**15mm Studio Bridgeplates are common in California. If you are looking for 15mm lightweight, please check Baseline 15mm LW Baseplates**


Product Weight: 10.40oz (294g)
Product Dimensions (WxLxH): 6.03 x 3.96 x 1.24in (153 x 100 x 32mm)

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