Baseline Core 15mm LW (13mm Platform Height)


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Baseline Core 15mm LW (13mm Platform Height) holds two 15mm rods at 15mm lightweight spacing when combined with the camera dovetails listed below.

ARRI dovetail slot on the bottom attaches to Baseline ARRI Dovetail or other ARRI standard dovetails using a top-load locking mechanism. Loosen the thumbscrew and push the silver button on the operator's side to release the baseplate from the ARRI dovetail. To reattach, drop down and listen for the pop to know it has engaged. Adjust the position on the ARRI dovetail, then lock the ratcheting thumbscrew.

ARCA dovetail slot on top holds Baseline ARCA Dovetails and can be top-loaded, or installed from the back by sliding in. When sliding in from the back, a safety pin will engage with a pop when properly installed. Adjust the position, then lock the ratcheting thumbscrew. Top-loading can be achieved by loosening the thumbscrew, pulling out on the ratcheting knob, and turning the thumbscrew until ARCA clamp has opened fully. Reverse the process to tighten.

"13mm" platform height refers to the distance from the center of the 15mm rods to the bottom of the ARCA dovetail. Combine with the below Baseline ARCA Dovetails and listed cameras for lightweight 15mm rods at the correct lens height.

Baseline ARCA Dovetail (7.5mm Height)
- Canon C300mkIII, C500mkII, C200, C200B, C700, Blackmagic Pocket 6K, Kinefinity MAVO mark2

Baseline ARCA Dovetail (12mm Height)
- Sony FS5, Panasonic EVA1, VariCam LT, VariCam 35


Product Weight: 5.86oz (166g)
Product Dimensions (WxLxH): 4.84 x 3.66 x 1.46in (123 x 93 x 37mm)

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