Digital File to 3D Print: Monitor Cover (Sony Burano)

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Use this STL file to 3D print your own Snap-on Monitor Cover (Sony Burano), which is a 3D-printed flexible cover that protects the OLED panel during transit. The cover contours to fit Sony's monitor with our EVF Pivot installed and also with the Sony knuckle directly on the screen's side.

If you prefer to purchase this already printed, you can find the physical product here.

Printing Suggestions
Filament:  TPU with hardness of 95A or lower
Extruder type:  Direct drive

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1. I understand that 3D printing can be challenging, and I will not blame MID49 for any issues arising from the printing process or installation of the printed item. 
2. I will not sell the printed product.
3. I will not create new products based on the designs provided.

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