Breakout Boxes and Side Plate Bundle for RED V-Raptor


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Breakout Boxes and Side Plate Bundle for RED V-Raptor includes:

Breakout Side Plate for RED V-Raptor
Breakout Side Plate for RED V-Raptor attaches to the side of the RED V-Raptor and provides 1/4-20, 3/8-16 with ARRI locating pins, an ARRI standard rosette, and M4x20mm threaded holes. Two offset 1/4-20 holes matching RED's spacing allow certain 3rd party products to be attached like GDU Atlas Side Handle (Raptor, Right).

The side plate compatibility with other manufacturer's accessories is below:

Manufacturer Compatibility Notes
8Sinn Replaces side plate
Bright Tangerine Replaces side plate
Came-TV Replaces side plate
Ignite Digi Incompatible with Keystone
Kondor Blue
Replaces side plate
Modern Film Tools Replaces side plate
Octamas Replaces side attachments
RED/CS Replaces side plate and EXT side bar
Smallrig Replaces side plate
Tilta Replaces side plate and EXT function of power module
Vocas Incompatible with top plate

AB-1 (RED V-Raptor)

A passive adapter that converts the camera's 5-pin 00 LEMO to two standard, full-size XLRs and attaches by a captive 1/4-20 screw and rubber pad.

EB-1 (RED Komodo, Komodo-X, V-Raptor)
An EXT port 
converter that provides industry-standard connectors:

Genlock 75-ohm BNC
Timecode  5-pin 0B
CTRL  4-pin 00
Trigger  3-pin Fischer
EXT Pass-Through 9-pin 0B


Please find the installation video here

Product Weight: 7.50oz (212g)
Product Dimensions (WxLxH): 8.85 x 4.25 x 1.13in (225 x 108 x 29mm)

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