Mains Power Supply 15V (4pin XLR Female)


Sale price$140.00


Mains Power Supply 15V for 4pin XLR cameras or equipment, which provides up to 10A and accepts 120V or 240V AC input.  Works for camera including the Sony Venice, Sony Burano, and others.  Choose between US, EU, UK, and AU power cord.  

Product Weight: 36.90oz (1046g)
AC cord length: 
(WxLxH): 49in (1245mm)
Output cord length: (WxLxH): 
0.24 x 47.00 x 0.58in (6 x 1194 x 15mm)
Overall length: (WxLxH):
 3.24 x 96.00 x 2.58in (82 x 2438 x 65mm)

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